Candles are meant for more than just lighting

In 2016, we embarked on a journey to bring out the true potential of candles. We believe candles should be part of everyone's life just like how every kitchen as pots, every room needs a candle. To us candles tell stories of who we are.

Our Hands Touch Everything

(Don't worry we are very clean people)

From the candles to the sassiness to our photography, we put literally have our hands in all parts of our businesses.

Use Your Most Powerful Tool

Choose What You Buy

Sometimes trying to make a change isn't always easy. That is why at Naturally Sassy believes that what you buy is the message you send to the world. Buying local, eco-conscious, small batch items helps your local community by keeping money in. Plus the more candle lovers like you that buy naturally sourced candles, the less petroleum based candles will be produced.

Find Out What More You Can Do

If you like the stuff we make you can follow us on our social accounts and stay in touch with us and our latest products and news at @NaturallySassyP on Instagram and Twitter. plus check out our blog for tips and delicious pictures of our adventures!