Custom Candles

Once your order is received we will email you the total cost, with shipping and once you have confirmed and paid we will make and ship them.

  • Unscented and Solid Colour

  • Scented Solid Colour

  • Scented and Patterned

  • Unscented and Patterned


                                                                                                                                                              STEP 1: Choose your scent or unscented

                                                                                                                        STEP 2: Choose what colour (or no colour), Scroll below to view colours. Please keep in mind your screen will project a different colour than real life, therefore final product may be slightly different.

Step 3: Select a Pattern or No Pattern, the alternating colour will be white.

Step 4: How many?? The more you get the cheaper it will be! Score right?

Step 5: If you want a completely customized candle please send additional comments! E.g. You want Blue and Red stripes

If you have any question please contact us! If you want any additional scents or colours please please let us know! We are pretty magical at the candle shop and can pretty much procure almost anything.

Step 6: Address