How to Clean your Jars in 2 Quick Steps

Ah, you have enjoyed your candle and it is done, but do not despair the fun has not ended.

Disclaimer: As a safety measure, there will always be a little wax left over once the wick has burnt out.


Step 1

Freeze finished candles. Just pop them in the freezer overnight.

Step 2

The next morning, take a knife or spoon and start cracking the wax at the bottom. Once you get a crack, the entire wax bottom comes out in large pieces.

Step 3

Take a paper towel and wipe and little bits of wax left. You may need to use a little dab of water.


Ta-da! You can now re-use your jar for anything! Check out our other blog posts for ideas and inspiration of what you could use them for, the possibilities are endless.

Happy Re-Using 😊