How to Clean your Jars in 5 Quick Steps

Ah, you have emjoyed your candle and it is done, but do not despair the fun has not ended.

Disclaimer: As a safety measure, there will always be a little wax left over once the wick has burnt out.


Step 1

First thing is to order more candles (Not mandatory). Score the bottom of the jar where the wax is with a knife or metal spoon

Step 2

Pour boiling or almost boiling water into the jar. (Tip: Use leftover pasta water to conserve water)

Step 3

Let the water cool down, the wax will float to the top and solidify once cool enough. Usually takes a couple of hours.

Step 4

Pop out the wax layer out, drain the glass and pry out the wick tab if it hasn’t come out by itself. (We use special glue that makes it easy to remove, so it should just come off when hot water is added). You can use the bit of wax left over in potpourri or break into pieces and put them into a cloth back for an easy car freshener.

Step 5

Wash the jar with soapy water or throw it into the dishwasher

Ta-da! You can now re-use your jar for anything! Check out our other blog posts for ideas and inspiration of what you could use them for, the possibilities are endless.

Happy Re-Using 😊