5 reasons why soy wax is better

If you are anything like us, you love candles. Why? Because they are just amazing and fabulous and if I need to list more reasons then don’t bother reading. Here are why our soy candles are better!

Here are 5 simple facts why soy candles are fabulous and the perfect option for you candle needs

    1. Slower Burn Time
      The same amount of soy candle burns for much longer due to their lower melting point. To give you a number, paraffin wax burns 50% faster than soy candles. This also means they do not get as hot as regular candles. Soy candles maybe more expensive at first, but worth the initial investment especially if you love the scent!
    2. Natural Base 
      What is the best way to say screw you to rising petroleum costs (financially and environmentally). A lot of your everyday products probably have a petroleum in some shape or form. You can easily eliminate petroleum based paraffin wax by using a plant based wax like soy, coconut or beeswax.
    3. Toxic Free Fragrances
      When you buy something for your home, isn’t it nice to have clean, toxic free product? Soy candles release no known toxins, less soot than paraffin candles, and all of our scents are phthalate and sulphate free.
    4. A Renewable Source
      Soy is a plant based product that is renewable and supports local soy farmers. Traditional paraffin candles are petroleum based yuck…and a non-renewable source.
    5. Supporting Local Businesses
      You can easily find candle artisans in your local area/city. By supporting local businesses you are supporting your community and your neighbour’s livelihood.


BONUS Reason: A good feeling that you are voting with your money to support local eco-conscious businesses. Voting with your money is the strongest action you can take to help your community and change the world. Even if it is a candle at a time.

Who would have thought you could impact your home and the world around by just buying soy candles!

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