Gift Box: Pink Lady & Strawberry Peach Delight Tea


Pink Lady & Strawberry Peach Delight

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What’s Included:

-1 Pink Lady Soy Wax Treatment

-1 Strawberry Peach Delight Tea (8 tea bags)

-2 Soy Tealights

Soy wax treatments: An alternative to traditional paraffin wax treatments, you can now enjoy soy wax treatments at home with no mess! Carefully selected butters help moisturize your skin, essential oils help with a variety of skin ailments and the wax helps remove dead skin . How does it work? Simply, MELT, POUR and RELAX

The pink from the rosehip is perfect for re-energizing and repairing skin. With the boost of vitamin C from the power house of citrus, you skin can start healing.

Ingredients: Soy wax, beeswax, organic Shea butter, rosehip botanical powder, orange essential oil, lemon essential oil, rosemary essential oil.

Zteep tea: all organic blends of low caffeine teas. Our mission is to help you power through your day, sleep all night like a baby, and as whole, to uplift your spirits with our variety of unique tea blends and recipes.

Ingredients: Decaffeinated blend of organic Strawberry Oolong and Peach Rooibos


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 2 in
Tea Style

Tea Bags, Loose Leaf


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