Try our new Soy Wax Body Treatments

An alternative to paraffin treatments

Create a spa at home with natural alternative. Simply melt, dip and relax. Warm wax over your hands or feet help infuse our curated butters and essential oils to penetrate the skin and lock in moisture.  

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Gotta support local and smalll businesses! I genuinely love your candles and I'm not just syaing that. I've had it going all afternoon.

Bliss Gatenby

Candle Lover
Done!! Omg I'm burning it right now and I just can't. This [Get your Buzz on] is not something I would have picked up on my own!!! Thank you so much for recommending it to me!!!!!

Luisa C.

Candle & Dog Lover
I'll be making an order soon for my family!! ..You're seriosly too sweet, I loved th Patchoulli & Musk candle I smelt at the market!

Becca S.

Candle & Beer Lover
Kindest and thanks for making cruelty free vegan candles. My wife and I enjoy burning them so much!


Candle & Vegan
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