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B.L.T. Candle Care


Burn for at least 2 hours, allowing the wax pool to reach the edge of the container or come close to it. If you don't, soy wax has " burn memory" and can tunnel in the future.


Light your candles for pnly 2-4 hours. This will sure it doesn't get overheated and make your candles last longer.


Trim your wicks to 1/4 of an inch. Check everytime before burning, this help to ensure the candle doesn't get too hot, less soot and makes your candle less longer.


What are your candles made from?

Our candles are made with 100% soy waxm from farmers in the Mid-West.

Why soy?

  • Plant-based
  • You are supporting farmers,
  • Reduce your carbon footprint (compared to tradittional paraffin candles)

Our fragrances are pthalate, paraben free and skin safe.

Our wicks are made from cotton and pulp.

How are your candles more sustainable?

By using plant-based ingredients we reduce our carbon footprint. We also design our products so they can be used again.

Are your jars re-usable?

Is your packaging sustainable?

Heck yeah! We use minimal packaging, but ensure your candle gets to you safely. All of our packaging peanuts are made from corn and can be composted. Our boxes can be re-used or recyclrecycled.

The rest of the questions

Are you candles okay for scent sensitsensitivity?

Yes! I myself have scent sensitsensitivity, one of the reasons I started making candles. Our candles are strong enough to fill a room without being overpowering.

Are your candles pet friendly?

Of course! Our candles do not use essential oils. Always check with a vet.

Can I buy bulk or custom?

Yes! Check out our wholesale & customs page for more details. We are always looking to partner with amazing people.

Can I return my jars?

Yes, please contact us to coordinate pick up, you can also buy refill kits to re-use our jars.

My candle is tunnelling help!

Natural soy wax has it's quirks. Easy way fix is is to wrap the candle in aluminaluminum foil to increase the heat to promote an even layer of wax.

Any more quesions?